Yabancılar İçin İngilizce Kira Sözleşmesi Örneği

Yabancılarla yapılan kira sözleşmesi sayısı arttıkça İngilizce kira sözleşmesi ihtiyacı artmaktadır. Aşağıdaki kira sözleşmesi hükümleri Türkçe bilmeyen yabancılarla kullanımda örnek olması amacıyla hazırlanmıştır. Yabancıya kira sözleşmesi olarak kullanılabilecek hükümler taslak olarak sunulmuştur.

İngilizce Kira Sözleşmesi Örneği

Apartment Number
​Type of the let Property (Residential or Business)
​Landlord’s name
​​Landlord’s residential address
​Tenant’s name
​Tenant’s residential address
Rent per month​10.000.TL (+Income Tax Fee for commercial lease)
Rent per year​​120.000.TL (+Income Tax Fee for commercial lease)
Time and type of paymentIn advance, within the first five days of each month
Term of Tenancy1 year
The term commences on01.01.2023
Current condition of the let propertyReady to move in
Purpose of Tenancy (Residential or Business)

Statement of Declaration for Items Received Together with the Property



Under the Financing Law No. 1318 Dated 29.7.1970, which amended the Stamp Tax 1/Law No. 488:

Stamp tax will be paid for landlord and tenant under the regulations according to the duration of this Agreement.


  • The Tenant is obliged to use the Property as if it is his/her property and shall not allow it to deteriorate, lose its qualities or its current reputation, cause a nuisance to the occupiers of neighbouring properties or significantly increase wear and tear to the Property. The Tenant must take reasonable care of the Property.
  • The Tenant must not sublet the whole Property for the entire duration of the Tenancy. However, the Tenant can sublet part or the whole of the Property if the Landlord gives written consent.
  • The Tenant will be liable for the reasonable cost of repairs where the need for them is attributable to the Tenant, particularly where the need for repair is attributable to the fault or negligence of the Tenant, any Member of the Tenant’s Household or any of the Tenant’s visitors. The Tenant must notify the Landlord as soon as reasonably possible about any repairs needed at the Property.
  • The Tenant must not add or alter to the Property or redecorate the Property (or any part of it) without the Landlord’s prior written consent, which must not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
  • The Landlord shall pay tax and repair costs of the Property. The Tenant shall pay cleaning expenses and environmental cleaning tax. This matter is governed by customary law.
  • Except for fair wear and tear, the Tenant must return the Property and the items in the Property to the Landlord in the same condition and state of cleanliness as they were at the start of the Tenancy.
  • The Tenant must give the Landlord (or any person acting on behalf of the Landlord) access to the Property at reasonable times of day to show prospective tenants or purchasers, letting agents or estate agents around the Property, but only during the last month of the Tenancy.


  • The Tenant accepts and commits to comply with condominium ownership.
  • The Tenant will use the Property for … (business or residential) purposes.
  • Electricity, water, natural gas, janitor, building maintenance, housing complex monthly fee expenses and management costs arising from condominium ownership and regulations shall be paid by the Tenant. Tenant’s failure to fulfil this duty is a valid reason for termination of this Agreement.
  • The Tenant agrees and commits to increasing rent payment annually in the following ratio, without requiring any notice or warning: …
  • The rent will be paid to …’s … branch of … Bank with account no. …
  • The Tenant can terminate the Tenancy Agreement by fulfilling the condition of giving written notice to the Landlord two months before the end of the Tenancy term.
  • The courts and enforcement offices of … have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement (including a dispute regarding the existence, validity or termination of this Agreement).
  • This Agreement comprises 7 seven general terms, and eight special terms, read and signed by the Parties. Two copies of the Agreement were executed on 01.02.2017.

Tenant Landlord

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